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Question by Suzie Q: How does the new healthcare law help the poor?
Wouldn’t requiring the poor to pay for healthcare only put more stresses on them?

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Answer by Norm
In theory, ObamaCare is supposed to make health care more affordable for everyone. In practice, however, it won’t.

Talk to your doctor about ObamaCare. You’ll learn that the myriad of new rules and regulations concerning health care will require doctors to hire more staff and purchase new information management systems to comply with the mandate. Those costs will be passed on to the patients in the form of higher fees for treatment. Add to that the fact that we will ALL be paying more taxes to fund this cash-cow AND the increased health care premiums (conservative estimates indicate the cost of health care will double under ObamaCare) and pretty much every American is screwed.

There is one way to avert this disaster: Vote Obama and his Democrat cronies out of office in November and replace them with Republicans who will repeal this abomination.

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