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Question by Stalin: How do you feel about the healthcare law that makes parents keep their children on their health insurance?
This law makes parents keep their children on their health care until they are 26 and in some states 31. I don’t agree with this. I agree with 23 at the most. If you are 26 and can not support yourself that is a shame. What do you think? Of course it is different if you are helping a child that was laid off from work. This law covers married children also.

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Answer by Flower
it is not mandatory. It is optional for parents to do this. Some insurance companies have started it already even though it does not really kick in until September. If you are employed with no group insurance or unemployed, instead of going to the ER and having the government pay, or getting on Medicaid and having the government pay all of your care, why not stick you in your parents insurance? As long as the adult child does not have an employee health plan you can do it. You do not have to be a student.

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