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Only in the US, no other country in the world but ours, allows trial lawyers to create frivolous law suits and not be accountable to compensate the defendant, if they lose the case. How can anyone who truly wants health care reform, support these cretins who prey upon tragedy for their own personal gain? They fill our courts with frivolous suits, they cause medical providers to carry HUGE insurance, force patients to have needless procedures and operations; they force medical givers to shut down or move because juries throw “lottery winning” awards, at these con artists. Insurance and drug industry attributes a great deal of their costs, to defend against these cretins. What a hypocite you are if you support trial lawyers and rail about health care costs! To most, we see you as practicing a staregy to break the backs of our economy, to replace our way of life with socialism and communism.
I expected liberals to ignore the question and claim the problem is corporations (your true enemy capitalism); you never dissapoint me.

Trial lawyers DO create false law suits, our society is highly litigous- thanks to liberals supporting trial lawyers.

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