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Rancho Santa Fe, CA (PRWEB) June 23, 2012

Firstat Nursing Services, a home health care agency serving Rancho Santa Fe and San Diego, has published a guide to help keep seniors safe around the home.

June is National Safety Month and the perfect time to think about how families can make some changes to keep older loved ones safe, said Linnea Goodrich, president of Firstat Nursing Services in San Diego, CA. With a little commitment and some knowledge, its easy to give seniors the tools they need to live happy, healthy, safe lives and still maintain independence. Here are three very useful tips to make the home of your loved ones a little safer.

Reduce Slips and Falls – One of the easiest and most effective ways to instantly improve the safety of an older loved one is to increase the chances of safe mobility within the home. From the kitchen to the bathroom, there are always things that can be done to make mobility easier and safer. In the kitchen, make certain all throw rugs and mats are properly secured to avoid slipping or tripping. The small rugs commonly seen in front of the stove or sink tend to slide and can be quite dangerous without the appropriate padding underneath. In addition, check the soles of slippers and look for non-skid rubber to reduce the chances of slipping on carpeted stairs or slippery hardwood floors.

Provide Adequate Lighting – Most people at one time or another have awakened in the night only to find the hallway and familiar travel areas in our home are dark. For seniors, not having adequate light can be extremely dangerous and is often frightening. Avoid stumbles and disorientation by ensuring hallways and walkways have a nightlight. It only takes a second to plug in a tiny light that will shine a clear path and provide the peace of mind seniors need to feel safe, secure and comfortable navigating the house after dark.

Ensure the Health of Cooling Systems – With summer approaching in full swing, its even more important to ensure the air conditioning unit is working properly and not in need of service. The middle of July or August when temperatures are elevated is not the appropriate time to begin investigating the health of cooling systems. In fact, with many seniors experiencing health related illnesses, its critical any and all systems are serviced now to receive a clean bill of health.

Protecting loved ones often involves taking a proactive approach towards safety. Particularly for the seniors in our lives, creating a safe environment while promoting independence is a goal worth striving for, continued Goodrich. People wanting to learn more are encouraged to visit the company website and pick up a copy of their free report Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire a Home Care Provider,” visit,

About Firstat Nursing Services

Linnea Goodrich is the owner of Firstat Nursing Services, which is the only Home care Agency in San Diego that is both State licensed and certified by the Alzheimer’s Association. Firstat Nursing Services has been providing a higher standard of home nursing, home health and home care services for elderly, disabled and injured people in the greater San Diego area since 1997. To pick up a copy of her free report “Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Hire a Home Care Provider,” Visit,

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