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Question by Christopher R: Healthcare resources are limited how can these be allocated in a way that they serve all Americans?
If healthcare is a right or a privilege, how can society manage the advantages and disadvantages?

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Answer by dogsrspcl
I feel like the AMA only allows a few graduates for med school and make the tests so difficult that we are not getting enough medical doctors to meet our demands.

Therefore we need to get busy and provide more schools and lesson the criteria for testing. They make it difficult to keep the demand high and the pay high. Ridiculous!

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3 Responses to “Healthcare resources are limited how can these be allocated in a way that they serve all Americans?”

  • Texican:

    Vouchers might be the answer, just as vouchers were once suggested for education.

    Have two systems, public and private healthcare. The public stuff is a hospital that has you standing in line for 4 hours. The private stuff is more expensive, but the care is better, as it is today.

    Your voucher would pay in full for public healthcare insurance. Or, your voucher would defer some of the cost of a private healthcare plan. You’d pay the difference, and for some, it would be worthwhile.

    This would encourage both the public and private systems to compete and keep their standards high, prices competitive, and you would have a choice.

    I also think they ought to do this with schools.

    Just my opinion.

  • ev1go:

    Beaurocrats, politicians, congressmen, lobbyists, community support groups, marches, organization, etc.

  • Razor Jim:

    Government can use some of its resources to take care of the poorest amongst us.
    Beyond that, it is up to us to look out for our own health needs. Most employers offer health benefits. Sometimes it’s better to work for less money to have the peace of mind that your family is covered.

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