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What do Obamacare and slavery have in common? Everything. Facts: My links: h…
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6 Responses to “Healthcare is NOT a Right”

  • funknotik:

    Objectivism, like the Marxism that it it claims to oppose, is an
    anachronistic theoretical framework. It is ludicrous to force fit the
    realities of today’s economy and society into the bizarro vision of reality
    proposed by Ayn Rand. Societal participation is not voluntary everyone
    affects people around them. You have roads, fire fighters, infrastructure,
    social security, medicare, etc. I really don’t know how objectivism deals
    with the scientifically demonstrated reality of contemporary civilization.
    Yes basic healthcare is a right granted the resources are available which
    at present they are. 

  • Marv Roberts:

    You are a terrible speaker, Lauren. I can’t understand your point. You
    emphasize the wrong words while use confusing and inappropriate metaphor.
    Are you against healthcare or do you support it? Please, answer without
    metaphor or parable.

  • OneTruth4Life:

    Subbed ya from this channel as well. Peace!

  • alienzen:

    I’m really not surprised that your pharmacy counsellor was irritated by

  • Marv Roberts:

    Haven’t you heard? The word ‘girl’ is offensive to women. You should be
    ashamed of yourself….or other women. I’m a bit confused right now.

  • Phillip Carruthers:

    Just because they [Doctors] don’t want to participate with ACA does not
    mean their skill set is lost. Still has value in the free market. Free
    market is very efficient at setting wage prices. Maybe you should add the
    book Atlas Shrugged to the collection 

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