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In recent months, we have witnessed vicious attacks against the right to health care for migrants, both in Canada and across the globe. Those without the fortune of being born with a particular passport are being condemned to suffering and death. Against the backdrop of increasingly restrictive and racist immigration laws being passed in Canada, Spain, and most nations in the Global North, we are also witnessing the unprecedented mobilization and resistance of health workers and allies who are refusing to comply with inhumane laws that leave some of the most marginalized in our society behind. In Spain, in spite of the Conservative Rajoy government passing a policy denying health coverage to undocumented migrants, 1650 doctors across the country have held public protests and have launched a ‘conscientious objection’ campaign to declare publicly that they will continue to serve ALL patients, irrespective of immigration status. Despite government threats, health workers continue to serve migrants and speak out against racist laws. In Canada, despite recent legislation that similarly denies health care to refugees and undocumented people, thousands of doctors, nurses, psychologists, medical technologists, students, healthcare workers and allies have mobilized across the country in support of migrant communities, denouncing the cuts. From occupations of MP offices, to public disruptions of Conservative MPs, to petitions signed by tens of thousands across the country in
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