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Question by Ash: Health insurance help?
So I applied to see if I qualify for the health care assistance based on income. If I do qualify how good is the coverage? Initially I assumed it would be awful so I applied for different insurance at $ 166 a month but it doesn’t kick in until may. Can I cancel that insurance before making a payment? If I don’t pay will it automatically cancel the plan? It would really help if I could find any information on the coverage of the income based health insurance!
I am talking about obamacare, yes, and I’m pretty sure I do fall below the income level so I would receive lower payments of 25 a month. But the 166 dollar per month one is a 750 deductible and no copays on anything, it works at hospitals and clinics near me. If I knew (or could find) all of the information about what kind of copays to expect on the cheaper obamacare plan versus my more expensive plan then I could make a decision. Has anyone been approved for the income based obamacare and knows the copays and coverage?

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Answer by angie
Im not to sure but I will just call and cancel instead of having to owe the insurance company nobody wants a bad record of not paying so just call and cancel or call and see what your options are

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