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Our Freedom and Liberty are being taken away from the United States of America. Americans need to Wake-Up and let their Voices Be Heard. Congess is not listening to our concerns and complaints. They are passing Bills that are Unconstitutional and Outrageous. Pelosi and Reid are out of control and need to be Voted out of office. Call and Write to your elected Government officials and let your Voice Be Heard. If the Health Care Bill was so Great, Why did Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Joe Lieberman, Bernie Sanders, John Kerry, and Dhris Dodd accept Bribes for their Vote. Why don’t the Senators and Congress get the Health Care Package because it’s a TERRIBLE PLAN. I’m so mad because I can’t afford Health Care now. In the Bill, If I don’t have Health Care, I will have to pay a fine. I can’t pay the fine so I have to GO TO JAIL. This is not Health Care it is a DICTATORSHIP and I’m not going to be told what to do in my America. We should have Limited Government not All Government. Washington is spending our hard earned money and we have nothing to show for it but debt and deficits. Health Care will be Rationed and Medicare will be Cut. Death Panels will control who lives and who dies. Instead of Surgery, the Elderly will be forced to take a Pain Pill and have to Suffer with their Pain. THIS IS NOT HEALTH CARE IT’S DEATH CARE. Another thing, we don’t see any Health Care benefits for 4 years. Americans will be forced to pay taxes into the Plan first and not get treated right away

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