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Gun Control: US Army Psy-Ops Behind Wisconsin Massacre? Who is behind this?

All of these ‘lone nut’ massacres turn out to be false flag terrorist events, staged by a government which murders its citizens, in order to pass new legislation, stripping us of rights and freedoms and dismantling our Constitution, Amendment by Amendment! If events are staged in the USA and in Italy and the UK, what does that tell you? There is one force behind them all and who benefits from the move toward centralizing power into the hands of fewer and fewer? Someone wants to control us by having all laws in all countries favoring a concentration of power It is easier to control a few leaders than to control 7 billion free thinking and incorruptible individuals and so there is a move to legislate this control Kennedy knew what to do about it, when he was presented with a plan to murder US citizens in the Operation Northwoods; He removed the had of the Joint Chiefs of Staff So, Kennedy got a bullet to the right temple and the bullet blew out a large piece of the back of his skull and that meant that the bullet came from the grassy knoll and Oswald, who was having a Coke in the cafeteria, didn’t do it by firing a junk rifle through trees from five floors above him, now did he? Since the Supreme Court was in on the lie, that tells you the kind of power these people or aliens have Speaking of aliens, the Reptilians come from the galaxy we know of as NGC 300 in the Sculpture Constellation, near Aquarius They made a deal with our government to eliminate 90% of us and that
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