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GOP plans to call attention to healthcare law with tax repeal votes next week
J.) – a key player in brokering deals within his party to pass the healthcare bill – called the upcoming debate a “waste of time” and said the House should be focus on legislation to create jobs. “(The timing) is probably not coincidental, …
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Facts About the Health Insurance Compensation Gap
Below are the answers to some key questions about this gap, as well as how the Affordable Care Act—the new health reform law—works to close it. Q: What is the health insurance compensation gap? A: Women are less likely than men to receive health care
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Fact-check: Crossroads GPA ad exaggerates Obama's debt
AP By The Washington Post “Obama started spending like our credit cards have no limit . . . his health-care law made health insurance even more expensive.” — voiceover of new Crossroads GPS television ad The latest entry by Republican-leaning …
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