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Please see my arguments are said as a christian based on practicing (free bible to be downloaded with many translations, original greek as languages). There is some reasonable criticsism about Gary Johnson – please share your thoughts about it – if you like here or via Mail http Please also see this story: Gary Johnson Files Anti-Trust Lawsuit In an unexpected, and– some commentators have said– unprecedented legal maneuver, the Gary Johnson campaign is suing the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Democratic National Committee, and the Republican National Committee on anti-trust grounds, alleging that the three private organizations have conspired in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act to limit competition, causing material injury to the American electorate and the Gary Johnson campaign. The Commission on Presidential Debates is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1987 by the Republican and Democratic parties. Part of the Johnson campaign’s argument is that the Libertarian Party ticket will be on the November ballot in forty-seven states, enough to conceivably secure the 270 electoral college votes necessary to win the presidential election. The campaign accuses the CPD and the two national party committees of illegal collusion to exclude it from the presidential debates. In a press release from the campaign, Johnson advisor Ron Nielson said: “There is nothing remotely surprising in the fact that a private organization created by and
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