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Tallahassee, Florida- July 6, 2012 A lot of questions still surround the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding most parts of the health care reform plan. Two recent polls: one from the Pew Research Center and the other from the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that less than 60 percent of Americans knew what the Supreme Court Decision was. “I understand that people might not understand the issues in depth, but the fact that people aren’t even aware is a little distressing,” said Marshall Kapp, the Director for the Center for Innovative Collaboration in Medicine & Law at Florida State University. Kapp didn’t lead this health care decision forum because of the poll results, but the goal of the briefing was to educate those out there that may not entirely understand how we are affected. “The issues are complicated. Each one is a potentially multi-billion dollar issue,” said Kapp. Health care providers will be affected by the bill. That’s why many med students showed up to see what they could learn. “I was hoping to get some of the impact towards physicians on insurance premiums and things of that sort being that I’m going to be a future physician,” said second year medical student Keniel Pierre. Kapp says that anyone with questions shouldn’t be afraid to ask around. “The more different perspectives that you can listen to and try to absorb and take into account, the better understanding you’re likely to have,” said Kapp.

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