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Sugni notices that Gulabiya was stitching her ghagra instead of taking rest. She enquires with Gulabiya why she was stitching her ghagra. Gulabiya replies that Bednis always had to look presentable in front of the Thakurs else they fell for some other Bedni. Sugni complains that inspite of not being in good health, Gulabiya was not taking good care of herself. On learning that her youngest uncle Kathari was taking his wife Laxmi to the hospital, Sugni requests him to bring Gulabiya’s medicines while coming home. Gulabiya tells her elder brother that Sugni was concerned about her health and hence was not sending her to perform the raai dance. She assures him that in a day or two she would convince Sugni and go for the performance. Lagariya irritatingly states that she understands Gulabiya’s condition. At the hospital, Kathari bribes a ward boy and secretly conducts a sex determination test on Laxmi. Kathari uses the money which Sugni had given him to purchase Gulabiya’s medicines. Back in the village, Sugni and her friends hear someone trying to start his car. They realize that someone’s car had broken down. Sugni and her friends go to the spot. She is left surprised when she learns that Vikram Singh’s car had broken down. Sugni introduces her friend to Vikram Singh and begins to praise him on his mechanical skills. On Sugni’s insistence, Vikram Singh allows Sugni’s friend to repair the car. Meanwhile, Vikram Singh enquires about Gulabiya’s health. Sugni thanks Vikram

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