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Edward (Ted) Winslow, MD, MBA -- Senior Partner -- Transforming Healthcare Consortium, LLC_7

Understand Recent Changes in the United States Health Care Delivery System US healthcare is on an unsustainable cost trajectory (18% of GDP is spent on Health Care and the percentage has been increasing by much more than the growth in GDP over the past 30 years). Health care has several constituencies, including: The general Population, Government (Federal and State), Employers, Payors, and Providers. Until this year the Judicial Branch of Government was not intimately involved. That all changed on June 28, 2012. Health Care Policy is a very politicized topic. We will discuss the US Healthcare System, what incentives exist and how might the system be improved? At the end of the discussion, participants should be able to: • Interpret the scope of Public Law 111-148: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act • Characterize how the government impacts the system • Distinguish what innovative models exist — Care Delivery, Payment, Quality Improvement • Use various acronyms relating to health care correctly.

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