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Dr Brooks Direct Pay & HSA Video

Brooks Family Care… Traditional Medicine Re-Invented We already have a primary care physician shortage. ObamaCare is expected to make it worse. Dr. Douglas Brooks has decided to break free from the restrictions and limitations set by insurance companies and government programs. He is moving to a direct-pay business model. This will likely be the choice for many of the top physicians who are tired of having others dictate how they treat their patients and what they are allowed to charge. Talk radio show host and HSA Expert Scott Borden ( / consults with physicians to help design a direct-pay business plan and then holds seminars such as this to educate their patients about what this change means to them and how best to align their health insurance plans to maximize savings and pay their medical expenses with tax-deductible funds. If you are concerned about keeping your physician once 30 million more people are enrolled in Medicaid and government subsidized health insurance plans, then you might want to sign up with a Direct Pay Doc! N. Scott Borden 913-980-4694 @myHSAguy
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