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Question by pamcarter: Does anyone find it embarrassing to live in a state that wants to repeal the health care bill?
It’s embarrassing to live in an outdated and behind the times state that wants to repeal the health care bill! For the first time in my life my state has made me ashamed to claim living here. In fact most of the people in the state WANT to move out of the 18th century and have care for all it’s people. How can one or two people defy what the majority wants?

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Answer by Fernando
No because they’re rednecks.

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12 Responses to “Does anyone find it embarrassing to live in a state that wants to repeal the health care bill?”

  • Kaykay:

    I think you are thinking way too much into this.

  • in vino veritas:

    I do…

    …however I usually always find it embarrassing to live in Texas.

  • Ayin Y:

    I live in Texas, and it is amazing. We have more uninsured children then any state in the union, and the gop here is trying to make sure these kids remain uncovered.

  • Touche':

    I live in Nevada… I wish Reid would go away so we can repeal it

  • ♥.RnZ.♥:

    No. Move if you’re so embarrassed.

  • Legio XVII:

    I live in the state that reformed health care before it was cool. (MA)

  • Christian P:

    You should be proud boy.

  • sds:

    they are wasting tax payers money trying to repeal the bill. its never going to be defeated

  • ALEX:

    Absolutely right.These atty generals will turn to hitler just for political brownie points.

  • Linda K Texan for Life:

    You mean the People Reform Bill? The one disguised as Heath Care Reform.

    The Senate signed an unread unfinished Bill into law.

    Now Obama will sign it to.

    It is disguised as Health Care Reform.

    This is PEOPLE Reform not HC Reform.

    All the new legislation is directed at the people.

    All the mandates are directed at the people.

    What about HC Reform?

    What about prices of policies?

    What about rate increases?

    The Bill protects the Ins Company not the people.

    This bill is FOR the HC Insurance Companies

  • Ted Sheckler:

    It’s a great political issue. Either way, your representatives and their families are getting the best coverage on the planet for free, so they don’t care what happens to their constituents.

    As long as the senior citizens are afraid that Obama is going to take away their medicaid (you know, the social medicine they already have) which he isn’t, they’re going to be complaining to their representatives.

    All this bill has done is serve to prove that the Republican party is broken beyond repair, and reality doesn’t matter to them. It’s all about grabbing back their political power, by any means necessary, no matter who has to suffer because of it.

  • Adam D:

    Does anyone else feel embarrassed to live in a country where our politicians force something into law against majority public opinion? That’s not something to be proud of, and at the very least it goes against everything this country was meant to be about.

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