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The Democrats are working on a Stimulus Bill as we all know. While taking very little input from the GOP, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are going their own way with this one. Which is fine I suppose BUT….

Do YOU know what is in this so called Stimulus Bill that is suppose to help this nation in a poor economy. Please note that Obama was quoted as saying “Nothing on here looks outlandish or crazy to me”

Why dont you look at some thing in the bill for yourself. And while I am sure some of you are _____ enough to defend this but anyone, even a third grader, can see that this is the dumbest thing ive seen in a while. I will literally go insane if this bill passes with garbage like this in it. This bill is suppose to STIMULATE the economy. Instead the Dems are using this to put pork in to and work on re-election. None of these things should be in this bill. Think about the fact that YOU, YOUR FAMILY, and YOUR KIDS will have to pay for all this some day. This is a joke and if this is all they can come up with to help out our economy than we are in for a world of hurt for the next 4 years. It is going to get very, very bad here unless all of you call your Congressmen/Senators and tell them NOT to pass this ridiculous bill.

–Undisclosed amount for contraceptives
– $650 million to help Americans upgrade to digital cable after the official transition to digital television on Feb. 17, 2009.

– $44 million to repair and improve the headquarters of the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C.

– $276 million to upgrade and modernize information technology at the State Department.

– $3.1 billion to fund “infrastructure projects” on federal land, including $1.8 billion for the National Park Service, $650 million for the U.S. Forest Service, and $300 million for the National Fish Hatcheries.

– $600 million for NASA, including $400 million for projects such as “satellite sensors that measure solar radiation critical to understanding climate change.”

– $1.9 billion for the Department of Energy for “basic research into the physical sciences,” including nuclear physics and fusion energy.

– $209 million for maintenance work at the federal Agricultural Research Service’s research facilities across the country.

– $400 million in repairs to various “national treasures,” including $200 million for revitalizing the National Mall, $150 for maintenance at the Smithsonian Institution, and $50 million to make up for a lack of philanthropic support for the arts.

– $850 million for “wildland fire management,” including $550 million to states for “volunteer fire assistance,” “city forest enhancements” and “wood to energy” projects.

– $400 million for “habitat restoration” projects to be doled out by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

– $2.7 billion for “rural water and waste disposal” grant programs for providing loans for digging wells or extending municipal water services in rural areas.

– $2 billion to provide day care services to 300,000 additional low-income children, ostensibly while their parents are at work.

– $1.2 billion to create an estimated 1 million summer jobs for young people.

– $2.5 billion to upgrade government-owned housing projects with new insulation, windows, and furnaces.

– $6.2 billion to weatherize the homes of low-income people to make them more energy efficient.

– $2.4 billion for projects demonstrating carbon-capture technology.

– $600 million to “prepare our country for universal healthcare” by training more doctors, dentists, and nurses.

– $1.5 billion to build new “Community Health Centers.”

– $20 billion to provide “nutrition assistance” for middle-income families and to lift restrictions on how long people can receive food stamps.

– An undisclosed amount to “provide 100 percent federal funding through 2010 for optional State Medicaid coverage of individuals (and their dependents) who are receiving unemployment benefits or have exhausted those benefits.”

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