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Dishigrikyan(R) by Lynne Slavskaya: Lecture Series Introduction

Intro to Lecture Series covering several realistically inquired about topics. These topics range in scope & aspect from The Obama Administration, Psychiatric Drugs in Schools amongst children, Exemption Forms for Parents, Finishing Plans & Jobs that were started, The War, Terrorism & Most Importantly Health Care in America. Health Care is coming your way Americans! You have Mr. President wrapped around your finger. Why change mid-stream to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Here is an Administration that has soothed American’s through a great job President Bush & The Bush Administration has done. However, causing some disagreements and turmoil amongst most. We have accomplished milestones. Let’s take those accomplishments & Finish the job. Or better yet, allow our current President to complete his contract. As a supporter of Republican Women for Obama, I realize as well as my peers and colleagues, that some ways are outdated of Democracy. Yet, we all agree that it’s Healthier for The Obama Administration to continue on it’s journey toward bringing closure to all these great Changes while smoothing unfinished business as well. The control is in the hands, and minds of Voters 2012. Starting with Health Care. Health Care Financing, offering all working wealthy and middle-class to get Health Care immediately. A sort of Layaway Plan for Health Care Insurance paying and funding all Health Care Professionals now. Recipients will have 5 years to pay for surgery, hip

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