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Chairman Issa and Ranking Member Cummings, I appreciate you holding today’s hearing to further examine how the Internal Revenue Service has been implementing provisions of the Affordable Care Act. One of our chief responsibilities on this committee is to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being utilized both efficiently and in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, it is has become undeniably evident that the Affordable Care Act falls short on both of these principles. Just last week, this Committee held a hearing on a new Health and Human Services “demonstration” project that the Obama administration is paying for by cutting 8 billion dollars from Medicare Advantage. These are funds that would normally be used for patient care. Two members from the non-partisan Government Accountability Office stated that this “demonstration project was unprecedented, flawed from its inception and will ultimately demonstrate nothing”. Further, there was strong evidence to suggest that the sole purpose of this project was nothing more than an attempt by the administration to hide new costs that Obamacare imposes on seniors until after the election. I fail to see how this is an efficient use of taxpayer dollars. These are the sort of examples that we’ve come to expect from this haphazardly passed bill authored by individuals who told the American people that they would have to pass it in order to for us to find out what is in it. Well today I want to focus on what is not in it. We have now

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