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Dems Pin Fate Of Health Care Law On 2012 Election
Your second paragraph is an argument for Obamacare. Facts not on the side of Republicans? That one statement alone shows whey Sibilius is worthless. She lied through her teeth to get that horrible bill passed and now accuses the opposition of lying. …
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Previewing the Republican debate in Tampa
We compared the two versions and found Romney made only minor changes to his comments on health care, mostly to account for the fact that the national plan had become law. We rated Santorum's statement Mostly False. Santorum also often argues that …
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SC GOP Debate Gets Heavy On Health Care Issues: Video and Transcript
It was a government-run health care system that was the basis of Obamacare, and it has been an abject failure. And he has stood by it. He's stood by the fact that it's $ 8 billion more expensive… … than under the current law. He stood by the fact …
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