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Cuba Before The Revolution

Ignorance (usually willful) of conditions in pre-Castro Cuba, of Fidel Castro’s background, of US-Cuba relations pre-1960 all contribute to the cliché-ridden Castro legend. With the media wallowing in a Castro-cliché orgy over these hideous past decades let’s examine the truth about pre-Castro Cuba with IMAGES which do speak a thousand words! In 1958, only 7 percent of invested capital in Cuba was American, and less than one-third of Cuba’s sugar output (its main crop) was by US companies. Cuba had a grand total of six gambling Casino’s at the time. (Gulfport/Biloxi Mississippi has double that number today.) Cuba’s Gross Domestic product in 1957 was .7 billion. Cuba’s foreign receipts in 1957 were about 0 million–of which tourism made up only million. Gambling was a small fraction of this million. Exactly two Havana hotels were mob-owned (compare this to Las Vegas history.) In 1958, Cuba had approximately 10000 prostitutes. Today an estimated 150000 ply their trade on the desperate island, many as young as 14. And to cap it all off: in 1950 more Cubans (out of a population of six million) vacationed in the US, than Americans (out of 200 million) vacationed in Cuba. At that time, Cubans didn’t come to the US in any great numbers to settle. In fact as a percentage of population, Cuba took in more immigrants (primarily from Europe) in the early 20th century than did the US In the 1950′s, when Cubans were perfectly free to emigrate with all their property and US

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