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CU Science Update 23 - Health Care Delivery

Despite remarkable technological advances in medicine, there is a great need to devise new models for delivering healthcare. The challenge is to get doctors and patients to come together, to sift through all the complex information and come up with an understanding of the medical condition. This understanding will help the patient know what contributes to a disease such as lifestyle, genetics and environment, and will make it possible for them to research their condition and be better prepared to confront it. David Rosenman, a physician of internal medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is our special guest. He discusses ways to innovate and collaborate not just with those working within the healthcare profession, but also outside to come up with new ideas. CU Science Update’s correspondent Priscilla Carlson met with Dr. Rosenman where he tells us more about healthcare delivery, understanding the science that improves outcomes, leading to greater patient satisfaction.. Hosted by Ina Damm Muri. Produced by the University of Colorado at Boulder Journalism and Mass Communication students.

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