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CLICK MORE INFO^^ Step up! And make your voice be heard! Your government works for YOU Government by, of , and for the people…well…Step UP! Call, email, fax your representatives and voice your concern about this piece of legislation TODAY!! HR 875 “Senate S 425 Feds move against farmers markets, gardens HR 875 & S 425: The food police, criminalizing organic farming and the backyard gardener, and violation of the 10th amendment: Rep Rosa Delauro is married to Stanley Greenberg, President of Greenberg-Quinlan Research, Inc., a public issues research and polling firm. Greenberg works with corporate clients including BP, Boeing, Monsanto, Comverse, and United HealthCare. Recommended viewing: The End of Local Food (HR 875) this was off of INN Report from FreeSpeechTV I seen it on the TV from DIsh Sattelite tv on channel 9415 HR 875 and S 425 are the pieces of legislation concerning this matter PLEASE contact your representitives and Senators about this! We can NOT allow this to happen to our childrens food! There will no longer be ORGANIC food… they will be required to spray pesticides and insectisides on the “organic” food… hence, making it no longer organic pesticides and insectisides KILL OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS, ALLOWING us to be sick more often, and results with us purchasing more and more over the counter “medicine” and prescription drugs…BIG CORPORATIONS
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