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Janusz Korwin-Mikke, born 27 October 1942 in Warsaw, Poland) is a Polish politician and political commentator. He is the leader of the Congress of the New Right, which was formed in 2011 from Freedom and Lawfulness, which he led from its formation in 2009, and the Real Politics Union (UPR), which he led from 1990–1997 and 1999–2003. The Congress of the New Right (Right Wing Congress) is a conservative libertarian political party. Ideology The Congress of the New Right’s program includes: * Reduced government spending, tax cuts and a flexible labor market, * Minimal government bureaucracy, * Protection of property rights, * Waiver of income tax collection, * Promotion of privatization and reprivatization, * Demonopolization, * Decentralization, * Deregulation, * Decommunization and Lustration, * It postulates a return of capital punishment for murderers and other dangerous criminals, * Liberalization of existing gun law and introduction of right to keep and bear arms, * Legalization of all drugs, including toxic ones. * Private health care and voluntary education, * The party is pro-life and thus opposes euthanasia and abortion, * It is against same-sex marriage and LGBT adoption, * Support for NATO and participation in free trade organizations, * Strong opposition to European Union, Left-wing politics and Socialism. The party’s main priorities are lower taxes and reducing the national debt
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