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To View the Full Program, Plase visit: ORLive will broadcast a component separation for complex abdominal wall reconstruction from Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York. This procedure will be performed by Jerome D. Chao, MD, FACS, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Director, Plastic Surgery Trauma — Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, Albany Medical College, and Dimitri J. Koumanis, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, Albany Medical College. Dr. Chao and Dr. Koumanis will perform this component separation using VeritasĀ® Collagen Matrix (“Veritas”), an innovative biologic material which remodels into the tissue it is used to repair. Veritas is a tested, FDA cleared and exciting alternative to currently available synthetic and biologic meshes. Questions from healthcare professionals and the general public can be sent to Dr. Chao and Dr. Koumanis during the broadcast and the seven days following. Dr. Chao and Dr. Koumanis will address questions during this period as time permits. Veritas Collagen Matrix, from Synovis Life Technologies, is an innovative non-cross-linked biologic material derived from bovine pericardium indicated for use as an implant for the surgical repair of soft tissue deficiencies, including abdominal and thoracic wall repair, muscle flap reinforcement, and repair of hernias. Veritas is produced through a patented process that results in an extremely biocompatible and
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