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COLOSAN Colon Cleanser gentle colon hygiene with oxygen and magnesium

COLOSAN Colon Cleanser gentle colon hygiene with oxygen and magnesium

  • Colon Hygiene Increase Elimination of Toxins, cathartic, laxative
  • Candida and Parasites Dissolve Impaction, promote regularity and colon health
  • Lose Weight Feel Great Prevent Parasites and Candida, leaky gut
  • Regularity Through Colon Hygiene.
  • part of liver cleanse, gall bladder cleanse

Colosan – Our best selling product. This oxygen promoting colon cleanser is the best of the oxygen, ozone, intestinal and colon cleaning products. Colosan will gently oxidize and cleanse the intestines and colon using oxygen to remove the putrefaction that is accumulating in your intestines and your colon. Stop reabsorbing toxins and get more nutrients out of your food by oxidizing and eliminating the 6 to 12 pounds of cess in your plumbing.Digestion is a process of oxidation. Due to stress and dietary changes there is insufficient oxygen in the digestive tract to complete digestive oxidation. The result is material left behind that impairs nutrient uptake and proper elimination of toxins. Colosan, when taken with ample water release oxygen to gently complete the digestive process and thoroughly cleanse the colon and intestines. Do not allow unwanted material to accumulate in your digestive tract. Practice Proper Colon Hygiene – Use Colosan Regularly Increase Elimination of Toxins Improve Nutrient Assimilation Dissolve Impaction Prevent Parasites and Candida Regularity Through Colon Hygiene 200 gram jar a six month supply.

List Price: $ 25.00

Price: $ 25.21

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