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(PRWEB) January 25, 2012

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, “We don’t know what the long term health consequences of toxic Chinese drywall are going to be for homeowners, or their children in Florida, or the US Southeast, but they will not be good. Unfortunately, our President (Obama) has yet to yet to make the long term exposure health issues related to imported toxic Chinese drywall an issue. In fact, he has yet to mention the toxic Chinese drywall disaster one time in public? He seems to like to go to Florida all the time, but it appears his only interest in Florida is campaign fund raising events, or news media photo opportunities.” In his State of the Union address on Tuesday January 24th 2012, President Obama made reference to his handling of the BP Oil Spill Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Here is the reality; nearly a month after the BP oil spill disaster former Clinton senior advisor said this, ” Carville, the famously outspoken Louisianian who was a chief political aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday May 20th 2010, that the administration’s response to the spill has been “lackadaisical.” The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, “President Obama’s response to the toxic Chinese drywall disaster in Florida, or the rest of the US Gulf States goes beyond lackadaisical, we think its negligence beyond comprehension, and we cannot figure out why the Republican Presidential Candidates are not all over this issue. We are trying to get help for victims of the toxic Chinese drywall disaster, President Obama, and taxpayer funded federal agencies that are supposed to care are all no shows, and we are not backing down. It is show up time.” http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com

For attribution purposes according to the San Francisco Chronicle on November 2nd 2011, “On the topic of real estate deals, real estate investments, or real estate bargains, there are warning signs for real estate investors, or even potential home buyers in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Southeast Texas, and even Virginia to be on the lookout for toxic Chinese drywall foreclosures. Banks, and Fannie Mae are selling these toxic homes, or condominiums foreclosures with the only disclosure being As Is. And President Obama has yet to mention the toxic Chinese drywall disaster one time in public.”

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center says, “How does a sitting US President not show up to a mess like toxic Chinese drywall in 10,000′s of Florida homes, or throughout the US Southeast? By not showing up, President Obama, and various federal agencies have allowed this disaster to simply get worse. Don’t think this is a disaster? We are hoping Republican Presidential Candidates including Governor Romney, and Congressman Ron Paul go to any metro area in Florida, including Cape Coral, Miami, or Tampa to see for themselves. Congressman Ron Paul is a medical doctor, perhaps he can explain to the President, and the national press the good things Chinese made hydrogen sulfide, in toxic Chinese drywall do for a child’s health in Florida. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh could devote a special day this week for callers from Florida, or Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Southeast Texas, or Virginia, who have been stuck in toxic Chinese drywall hell since we all became aware of it; at about the same time now President Obama was being sworn into office. It would be really good radio, and we think the main stream media like NBC would be forced to cover this toxic Chinese disaster, that the Obama Administration has failed to respond to. http://ChineseDrywallComplaintCenter.Com


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