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Scary Facts About Obamacare At age 76 when you need health care the most, you will no longer be eligible for cancer treatment (See page 272). – Page 50 / Sec…
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Beating Obamacare 2014: Avoid the Landmines and Protect Your Health, Income, and Freedom

Beating Obamacare 2014: Avoid the Landmines and Protect Your Health, Income, and Freedom

New Edition Fully Updated for 2014!

What Obamacare disaster will hit next? The website launch was a fiasco, millions of Americans’ insurance has already been cancelled, the exchanges are still not working, and the enrollment numbers are abysmal. Betsy McCaughey uncovers the next disasters Obamacare is about to spring on an unsuspecting public, and shows you how to protect yourself.

Did you know?

  • The government predicts that Obamacare will cause millions to lose the health plans they get at work

  • You can avoid the penalty for not having insurance

  • Even children are subject to penalties for being uninsured

  • The IRS official who targeted conservative groups has been promoted to top dog in charge of your health insurance

  • The federal government recommends if you want medical privacy, pay cash

  • Section 3000A of the health law awards bonus points to hospitals that spend the least per senior

  • You should be careful about giving your address, tax information, and social security number to a “navigator.” Most haven’t been background checked, and even HHS Secretary Sebelius admits some could be felons

Patient advocate Dr. Betsy McCaughey expertly dissects the 2,572-page health law, the thousands of pages of Obamacare regulations, and the cascade of “waivers” to the law in 2013, and lays out how all these will affect your family’s health and finances, your relationship with your doctor, and even your tax bill—breaking it down into manageable chunks and explaining everything in plain English.

Don’t be blindsided by the myriad new rules, regulations, and taxes that are coming down the pike. Begin today to understand what the Obama health law means for you, and prepare for it.

INSIDE: A twenty-page sample bill showing what genuine health reform would look like title by title!

Intimidated by the legal jargon? Not to worry, this guide comes fully equipped with an Obamacare Dictionary in the back!

List Price: $ 16.95

Price: $ 8.33

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Question by rebelchild: obama vs. mccain with universal health care?
what is obama’s universal health care against mccains??

Best answer:

Answer by acwildes
Universal health care will raise everybody’s taxes so that the government can provide your healthcare. That is not the role of government. Government’s role is to protect its citizens, not give everyone health care. I pay enough taxes and don’t want to pay more for health care for anyone else.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Columbus, OH (PRWEB) April 25, 2014

Public relations projects using brand journalism tactics resulted in MediaSource receiving two Best of Show awards and eight additional awards for outstanding PR work from the Central Ohio Chapter of PRSA in the 2014 PRism and Excellence Awards.

Only three Best of Show awards were given this year and MediaSource took home two. A Best of Show award was given to MediaSource for a brand journalism campaign for Nationwide Childrens Hospital that educated the public about the safety of human breast milk being sold on the Internet. The project reached a total audience of 808 million people and achieved coverage on major outlets such as NBCs Today Show, the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, FOX News, and on major TV affiliates in New York, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. The multimedia release produced for the project streamed on The advertising value of the project was 175 times the clients investment in the initiative.

PRSA also awarded MediaSource a Best of Show for the firms Multimedia Newsroom, which MediaSource developed as a way to deliver high quality multimedia content directly to the news media, allowing for maximum buzz for clients. In 2013, the Multimedia Newsroom contributed to an increase in media coverage and ROI for all of MediaSources clients, including a dramatic increase of 326% in exposure for The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. All major television networks and other top tier news media utilize MediaSources Multimedia Newsroom to access and download content. “Our brand journalism team is focused on telling our clients’ stories and pushing the content to their target audience. We consistently deliver top tier media coverage and a high ROI,” said MediaSource president Lisa Arledge Powell.

MediaSource, located in Columbus, Ohio, launched its new brand journalism PR products in 2013 and is now a national authority on this PR trend. The companys brand journalism team uses journalistic tactics to create client content which is amplified by using both earned media and company-owned media coverage. Lisa Arledge Powell is a leading expert on brand journalism, speaking at national and regional industry conferences including PRSA Health Academy, The Mayo Clinic Health Care Social Media Summit and Content Marketing Institute. She also contributes to national PR publications and teaches college students the MediaSource Brand Journalism techniques.

MediaSource was also awarded for the brand journalism tactics used to help The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center gain national exposure for medical breakthroughs such as its Alzheimers pacemaker surgery and landmark Google Glass surgery. The Google Glass surgery reached more than 345 million people while the Alzheimers pacemaker surgery resulted in more than 200 patient inquiries and increased hospital traffic by almost 2000% on the day the story was released.

The 2014 PRism Awards took place on April 22 at Vue Columbus in Columbus, Ohio.

For case studies on how MediaSource Brand Journalism works, click here:


MediaSource is a media relations and content production firm that specializes in brand journalism tactics. From news media coverage to consumer video tactics, MediaSource partners with the nations top hospitals and corporations to get their message to targeted audiences. MediaSource is best known for delivering brand buzz by amplifying messages across both earned media and company-owned media channels.


The Central Ohio Chapter of the PRSA is a leader in furthering the development of Columbus’ public relations professionals. Founded in 1950 as the first society chapter in Ohio, they serve more than 360 members in our region in the agency, corporate, government and non-profit sectors.

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Washington • Gov. Gary Herbert said the White House and outgoing Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are inching closer to approving his alternative plan for expanding health-care for low-income Utahns through a block grant to the …
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Arizona bill would regulate health care navigators
PHOENIX (AP) — The Arizona Legislature has approved a measure requiring extra licensing and background checks for navigators who help people buy health insurance on the federal marketplace. The Senate approved House Bill 2508 with a 19-10 vote …
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Kathleen Sebelius Leaves Government After Wrecking Health Care Market
Congress passed the misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act four years ago. It was a signal political achievement. Alas, ObamaCare is proving to be a policy bust as Kathleen Sebelius leaves her job as Secretary of Health and Human Services.
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TEST — President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul is getting its first test of the 2014 midterm elections in a Tampa-area House district where Democrats…
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MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber Calls Out Bill OReilly For Cherry Picking Health Care Facts MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber Calls Out Bill OReilly For Cherry Pic…

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House Backs Bill to Delay Health Care Penalty
The House on Wednesday backed a one-year delay in the penalty that individuals would have to pay for failing to sign up for health insurance, the 50th time Republicans have forced a vote to repeal, gut or change the law championed by President Barack …
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One state's health care revolution
Consensus is rare in health care politics, but virtually no one believes that America's fee-for-service payment system is sustainable. It rewards providers for administering more treatment, not for keeping people healthy enough to avoid it. So costs …
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Longtime Waldo County healthcare CEO to also serve as interim Pen Bay leader
ROCKPORT, Maine — The long-time executive director of Waldo County's health care facilities will add the job of interim chief executive officer for Pen Bay Healthcare. The announcement was made Friday afternoon in a news release issued by Pen Bay.
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