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After signing health care legislation strongly opposed by the American people, the president is focused on selling the unpopular bill to Americans worried ab…
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The Supreme Court largely upheld President Obama’s health care reform, including the controversial mandate. Ana Kasparian, Desi Doyen, and Jacki Schechner di…

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ObamaCare Summary: A Summary of Obama’s Health Care Reform A Quick Overview of ObamaCare and How it Works The following ObamaCare Summary is a quick overview…

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Video Cam Direct Upload.
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Obamacare facts separated from spin by Wendell Potter,
Holding a sign saying "We Love ObamaCare" supporters of health care reform rally in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, Tuesday, March 27, 2012, as the court continued hearing arguments on the health care law signed by President Barack Obama.
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Obamacare Facts: Three Doctors Say Obama Blew It
Most troubling right now, the doctors agree, is that many of the facts about Obamacare's implementation remain murky. With 33,000 pages of rules and regulations, the Obamacare law is so complex that Dr. O'Connor had to hire a certified healthcare …
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Hagel's Science of Logic
"To be clear," the secretary writes, "each military justice case must be resolved on its own facts. Those who exercise discretionary judgment in the military justice process must exercise their independent judgment, consistent with applicable law and …
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Federal health reform is expected to increase the number of non-native English speakers with insurance. Refugees living in City Heights say they already need a more culturally competent health care experience. Plus, claims of coercion in recent drug smuggling across the US border could signal a new tactic being used by drug cartels.
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Obama’s re-election solidifies his health care reform bill- this means states will have to meet an upcoming deadline.
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Hillary Clinton: The Lesson of Hillarycare

Watch more of her interview at What Clinton learned from the firestorm over her 1993 health care reform plan and why it came as a shock. Wellesley College seniors had never before chosen a commencement speaker from their own ranks when Hillary Rodham stepped to the podium on the last day of May in 1969. Education, she said, must grant “the courage to be whole” and permit people to live “in relation to one another in the full poetry of existence.” The speech received national attention and marked Rodham as a leading light for the young women of her generation. By now, it’s safe to say that the early promise has been borne out; had Hillary Rodham Clinton “merely” attended Yale Law, served on the staff of the Senate Watergate Committee, become a respected children’s rights advocate, been the first female partner at her law firm, been a mother, and served as First Lady of Arkansas, we would think of her as a leader. And yet she has by now spent two additional decades at the very heart of the national consciousness—as a sometimes-embattled First Lady, as a distinguished senator from New York, as a groundbreaking 2008 Presidential candidate, and now as the 67th Secretary of State. Clinton has outlasted the smears to top Gallup’s “most admired woman in America” a record 16 times since 1993. “The courage to be whole,” indeed.
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Denver, CO (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

Schumacher Group, one of the nations fastest growing emergency medicine management companies, will be hosting a variety of events, sponsorships and speakers at the 2012 ACEP Scientific Assembly in Denver, Oct. 8-10.

Before the official start of the ACEP event, SG will be sponsoring, along with Blue Jay Consulting and MedicAlert, this years Urgent Matters conference a seminar that occurs in conjunction with the Scientific Assembly as a one day session on Oct. 7. The focus is on health care policies, the new era of health care reform, and how changes will affect emergency department patient flow across the U.S., with guest speakers including Mark McClelland, DNP, RN and Assistant Research Professor at George Washington University; Brent R. Asplin, MD, President of Fairview Clinics in Minnesota; Suzanne Stone-Griffith, RN, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA); Blue Jay Consultings Chief Nursing Executive Jim Hoelz, MS, MBA, RN, CEN, FAEN; and Jesse Pines, MD, MBA. (*Attendance information to follow in Editors Notes.)

Following Urgent Matters, Schumacher Group will be present at the following events:

EMRA (Emergency Medicine Residency Association) Luncheon

Exclusive Sponsor

Monday, Oct. 8, (11:50am 1pm) Sheraton Hotel – Mile High Ballroom – 4A

FEATURED SPEAKER: Mark A. Mitchell, DO, FACOEP, President – Emergency Medicine Division, Schumacher Group

Presenting: Your First EM Job: What Are You Looking For?

EMRA Job Fair

Booth Participant

Monday, Oct. 8 (5 7pm) Colorado Convention Center – Mile High Ballroom – 3

AAWEP (American Association of Women Emergency Physicians) Breakfast

Exclusive Sponsor

Monday, Oct. 8 (7:30 – 10:30am) Sheraton Hotel – Governor’s Square 10, Concourse Level

FEATURED SPEAKER: Beverly Gladney, MD, FACEP, Regional Medical Officer, Schumacher Group

Topic: Be Heard! Get Elected! EM womens roles in politics, hospital committees, boards, and more.

Emergency Medicine and Health System Reform Panel: What is EM’s True Value?

Wednesday, October 10 (4 6pm) Colorado Convention Center, Room 405

FEATURED PANELIST: Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP, CEO and Chief Medical Officer, Schumacher Group

Co-Presenting: Delivery System Reform

ACEP is a remarkable champion, not only for emergency physician practices, but also for the healthcare delivery system as a whole, stated Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP, CEO & Chief Medical Officer of Schumacher Group. We are proud to support this years event in such a meaningful way.

For additional details regarding the ACEP Scientific Assembly, visit For additional information about Schumacher Group, visit or follow SG on Facebook at


Caring for some 4 million patients annually, Schumacher Group is one of the largest emergency medical staffing and management companies in the U.S., as well as a health care resource for Hospital Medicine, Wellness Programs, Care Management, Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, and Billing & Coding. For more information, visit

*Editors Notes:

To attend the Oct. 7 Urgent Matters event, there is a registration fee of $ 75; but there is limited seating of 150 participants for the event. You do not have to be registered for the entire ACEP conference to attend, but pre-registration and payment is required. ACEP Delegates can attend Urgent Matters free of charge, but must pre-register. All other ACEP events are included in your ACEP registration.

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