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Question by Gods bless the USA A.R.T.: Can you think of any other similarities between civil rights and health care reform?
I can think of 2 major ones:

1. They are/were both opposed by the majority.

2. They are/were both the “right”, and moral thing to do.

It seems like the civil rights battle would have taught America that what is popular is not always the right thing to do, but apparently in America we are not fond of learning from our past mistakes.

After all, Conservatives seem intent on obeying the will of the majority in such matters as health care reform and homosexual marriage, even though the majority is not concerned with the best result for those involved.

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Answer by as.erwin
If health care is a “right”, then why would you want the government having any administration over it? If they GIVE it to you, they can take it away, and thus… it is not a right.

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