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Question by katie: Can I practice healthcare law and then become a judge?
I had a question about the path to becoming a judge. I am currently a senior in college and have applied to law school hoping to work in the Oklahoma/Texas area. I have already been accepted to Baylor, Tulsa, and OCU and am still waiting to hear back from OU, Houston, and SMU (sent my applications in December 6). I would like to practice healthcare law either for the government or as in-house counsel for a company and was wondering if this was a viable career path to one day sit as a judge when I am in my 40s or even late 30s if the opportunity arises? I know a more traditional career path would to become a state or federal prosecutor and then apply for a judgeship, and while this is also something I could see myself enjoying doing, I like the idea of the former career opportunity better. So I guess what I’m asking is, what is the likelihood of me practicing healthcare law and then being able to apply/be considered/nominated for a judgeship when I’m older? Should I focus on a different area of law if that is my ultimate goal? Also, assuming that I get into the other schools I have listed, (SMU might be a stretch, my LSAT was a 160 with a GPA of 3.6) do you think it would be more beneficial to attend school in my homestate of Oklahoma (OU offers cheap tuition, although I’ve been offered a full ride at OCU and 27k a year at Tulsa and I have connections in OKC) or to attend Baylor (strong trial advocacy program) or Houston (strong health law program). I have also toyed around with the idea of applying for a JD/MPH degree, what do you think would be the usefulness of the two degrees? I would appreciate any feedback! Unless you’re feedback is to avoid going to law school, my heart is set on it and no yahoo comment is going to change my mind :) I’m aware of the terrible legal market and I am up for the challenge! My parents are also prominent attorneys in the OKC area so I have the benefit of connections, which I know is not a guarantee of a job, but can’t hurt! I am not going to law school for the money, but for the true desire to help people and be fulfilled by an intellectually stimulating career! Advice please!
Just to be clear, I am referring to any type of judgeship, not just state and federal. My mother was an administrative law judge for a couple of years when I was a baby in her late 20s and that sounded very interesting and also something I would like to pursue if the other options didn’t arise.

Also, my parents are paying for law school. I will have no debt.

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Answer by cat lover
Your record on scholarly attributes in the conduct of your legal practice will be the major consideration in becoming a judge, and cultivating political links.

After all, most of the Bush Supreme Court appointees were corporate law attorneys. And that didn’t stop them from getting the appointment.

I can’t comment on your path forward, however.

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