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Injured Workers In California Rolled Under The Bus Again “The labor movement has been before this committee raging about delays and denials In medical treatments” Angie Wei, Legislative Director California Labor Federation SB 863 Is “Crafted To Exclude Injured Workers With Mental Disorders, Most Of Them Anyway” “Directs Costs Elsewhere To State Disability and Social Security” Dr. Bob Larson UCSF Clinical Professor School Of Medicine “We are becoming a drive through medicine for the injured worker” Jésse Ceniceros President Voters Injured At Work VIAW On August 28, 2012 a California Assembly Insurance Committee hearing was held on SB 863 the “reform” of Workers Compensation This bill SB 863 would create major healthcare problems for injured workers including excluding mental illness, insomnia and sexual problems form workers comp coverage. It would also allow the outsourcing to anonymous doctors from other states who do not even have a California medical licenses to make medical determinations in cases without even examining the patient. For more information: Production of California Coalition For Workers Memorial Day
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