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Crazy Pet Crazy Dog Quiet Pet Dryer

Crazy Pet Crazy Dog Quiet Pet Dryer

  • Special dryer for pets; blows 90 percent quieter than other dryers; includes stand for stationary use
  • 1875-watts; 3 cool air settings to protect sensitive pet skin
  • 9-foot cord for maneuvering and flexibility; hanging loop for storage
  • For best results, towel dry pets prior to use
  • Covered by a limited 2-year warranty for poor workmanship and defects

No threatening high-pitched noise!!
Bonus Stand Included:  stand dry or hand dry for added convenience.

Greater airflow, less temperature, and 90% quieter make this the perfect pet dryer.

Did you know that dogs have very sensitive skin and overheat easily?  The Crazy Dog pet dryer’s low temperature level and greater airflow make it the perfect pet dryer!

Hey!  You people aren’t the only ones who need hair dryers.  Ask me why I run around the house after a bath and rub against all the furniture and carpeting – I would like my fur to be blown dry.  This dryer doesn’t have that high-pitched noise that makes me nervous.  Because of my sensitive skin, the lower temperature is ideal for pets like me.  Just towel me dry and then finish the job with the Crazy Dog pet dryer.  I will never complain about feeling cold and wet again.

New Patented Quiet Technology for Pets

  • Dual-purpose dryer:  stand dry or hand dry.  Stand rotates for added convenience.
  • Twin fans and unique noise-reduction channels:  Create powerful yet ultra-quiet performance.
  • Full performance features:  3 heats/3 speeds with lower heat levels ideal for your pet.

It’s Crazy & It’s Quiet – the new Crazy Dog® pet dryer.

Model CD502
Made in China

Limited 2-year Warranty
This appliance is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for two years from date of purchase.  Any problems arising from misuse, attempts at repair, dropping or extreme wear are not covered by this warranty.

Exchanges within 30 days may be made at the store where appliance is purchased.  For exchanges after 30 days, send the appliance postage paid along with a proof of purchase, a note explaining reason for return, and .00 to cover handling, insurance, and return postage costs to:  Consumer Service Department, Helen of Troy L.P., 1 Helen of Troy Plaza, El Paso, Texas 79912 USA.  (California residents are not required to send .00)  Toll-free 1-800-487-7273.

This warranty also gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Dry a wet family dog while protecting furniture, carpet, and hardwood floors from water damage with this pet dryer from Crazy Pet. Crazy Pet designed this 1875-watt dryer to blow fur dry with 90 percent less noise than human hair dryers. By reducing the startling effect such loud appliances often have upon animals, the difficult task of drying a cold but frisky pup becomes more manageable.

The dryer features three different heats and speeds for varying hair lengths and drying needs. Cool air settings soothe sensitive skin while preventing pets from overheating. The dryer also includes a rotating stand for stationary drying, and a 9-foot cord for added flexibility and mobility. Store the dryer via its handy hanging ring. For the best results, Crazy Pet recommends pet owners towel-dry their animals to remove excess water prior to using the dryer. This item is covered by a limited two-year warranty for faulty parts or craftsmanship. Jessica Reuling

List Price: $ 60.99

Price: $ 60.99

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