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Join FRC and Representative Diane Black (R-Tenn.) as she discusses Obamacare’s HHS Mandate, conscience rights, and her bill, H.R. 940, “Health Care Conscience Rights Act.” Rep. Black is a strong…
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Question by No Chance Without Thor: What is so hard about accepting that Health Care should be a right for ALL citizens?
A Harvard study estimates that 44,800 people die a year in America due to lack of insurance.

Health care is like national defense and infrastruture. The more healthy a society the more productive and responsible the society becomes. To deny others of a basic human need is not being responsible, its a statement of self righteousness.

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Answer by You Make My Brain Hurt
Then it should be PAID for by ALL citizens. I’m sick of being an ATM for the lazy. You want something, WORK for it.

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Let's Fix Medicare, Replace Medicaid, and Repealthe Affordable Care Act - Pratt,

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Certain soaps used to wash babies shortly after birth may cause the baby to test positive for marijuana on some newborn screening tests, a new study suggests.

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You can also read the actual bill here: Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments! Tags:Go.Go to.

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One of the biggest consequences of Tuesday’s vote is the survival of health reform. Now that the president has won a new term, and kept a Democratic majority in the Senate to back him up, Republicans have lost any chance at repealing his biggest domestic initiative. It doesn’t mean smooth sailing, however.One of the biggest consequences of Tuesday’s vote is the survival of health reform. Now that the president has won a new term, and kept a Democratic majority in the Senate to back him up, Republicans have lost any chance at repealing his biggest domestic initiative. It doesn’t mean smooth sailing, however.

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Question by : Why did J e s u s want to help poor and sick people? Why did he make health insurance?
make health insurance mandatory for Pharisees and Sadducees alike, so that that those unfortunate could also get a free ride?

He could have made a good profit from health insurance companies by charging fees for his healing of the many, yet Jesus chose to establish health insurance exchange in the Temple and made his followers to go to the Temple and purchase health insurance from the wealthy merchants operating there under the threat of crucifixion of those who don’t.

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Answer by Stephanie
Sometimes there are more important things in life than money and greed.

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