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Many people think we will become socialists if we pass Universal Healthcare, well I brainstormed some points.

-Professional healthcare becomes available to a larger proportion of the population

-Savings on healthcare bills means more money in peoples pockets = good for the economy

-Categorize healthcare, those seeking the best exclusive service and have the money to pay more can avoid competition for medical care in national hospitals

-Increased demand for Doctors/ Hospitals, creates more jobs

-Seeking medical care no longer becomes a financial dilemma or hindrance for most people

-Businesses can reduce amount of expense providing medical insurance creates, good for businesses especially small businesses.

-Higher taxes for the rich right now, but taxes may set to increase if population rises steeply but productivity in workforce and businesses falls.

-Decreased efficiency in nationalized hospitals as waiting queues may form, patients check in for unimportant reasons, private hospitals offer better salaries and higher the best doctors leaving national hospitals with less elite doctors.
-We have a lot of illegal immigrants in this country and may not be able to provide health care to everyone who is not a citizen…, so the problem of Emergency room clogging of non-emergency medical problems still exists…because that’s were you go when you have no coverage.

So are you Pro or against universal healthcare, if against I’d like to know why since I have less points on it.
robot_hooker, private care won’t be illegal, doctors will certainly be included in the decision making otherwise decisions cannot be made properly, there’ll be more doctors and nurses because wages will still be higher than most other jobs plus increase in demand will motivate people that they’ll get a job at the end of their education, people are already suffering and dying because they are unable to pay healthcare bills

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