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America you must hold on to President Obama – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are wrong for America. Their policies and views are Anti-Middle Class, Anti-Women, etc. Read below – see how far President Obama has brought this country forward. Do not go backwards with this radical team, sponsored by the Tea Party to carry out a right-wing agenda that even conservative republican Newt Gingrich define as radical and extreme – bad for America. The Paul Ryan Budget will put the economic recovery in reverse. 1) Hundreds of thousands of real people losing their jobs every month, month after month to a total of 8.5 million people; 2) hundreds of thousands of people losing their homes and being kicked out of them month after month at record levels; 3) tens of thousands of businesses small and large going bankrupt; 4) major banks and financial institutions on the verge of default; 5) stock market in full collapse; 6) major American auto companies about to go bankrupt; 7) demands on government resources skyrocketing; 8) government revenues collapsing as millions of taxpayers were losing their jobs and no longer paying income tax; 9) the demand for unemployment insurance exploding; 10) a doubled national debt and huge interest payments 11) a .2 trillion deficit for 2009 before Obama even walked through the door 12) to date, over .25 trillion in interest on the debt left for Obama 13) two major wars the costs of which were not being factored into the budget 14) bin Laden still at large 15
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