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9/11 Health Care Bill Gets One Vote Closer
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The 9/11 health care bill has its first Republican vote in the Senate. At a press conference this afternoon, Republican Congressman Peter King said that Mark Kirk, the Illinois congressman who won Barack Obama’s old seat, will support the bill. “He’s told me he’ll definitely vote for the bill–no ifs, ands, or buts. He’s voting for the bill,” King said to applause from the …
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Stressful deadline looms for Medicare recipients
With Congress passing a new health care bill and private contractors dropping coverage for some seniors, local Medicare advocates are reporting a rise in stress and confusion – a problem given an annual looming deadline.
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AU presenter explains health care bill
AURORA — Aurora University students were happy to hear Tuesday that the federal Affordable Health Care Act will let them stay on their parents’ health insurance until they’re 26, even if they’ve finished school and started working. They were also pleased to hear the law, which started taking effect in …
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